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Product experience management

PIMworks is a modern product experience management solution built for growing businesses who are determined to elevate customer experience. Simplify product experience management with simple, scalable, and easy-to-use software.

Contextualized 360-degree product view

What is a 360-degree view?

Product landing pages, product detail pages, and offline collateral communicate with customers. With the depth and breadth of information available on the product page, a customer is driven to make a decision. In order to influence that decision in your favor, you need to extend a product 360 view bundling solid components like product master data, rich product content, and digital assets together.

Product experience management

How does leveraging product data intelligence help you?

Tailor-made product information for optimized customer experiences

Single-version of data for different business contexts

Quick and reliable insights to fuel decision-making

Get an extended product view

PIMworks is the ideal packaged solution to help you create contextual views.

Product master data | Rich product content | Digital assets | Non-Master-Data Assets

With PIMworks, you have complete control over your product data and Non-Master-Data assets in real-time. The product views help you manage content and gain product insights that help you plan, organize, edit, and optimize content for a refreshing product experience.

Collaborative workflows

The cumbersome process of product content creation becomes super-simplified with effective communication. All the teams involved in creating and utilizing product information - including product and brand management, digital marketing, digital commerce teams can effectively coordinate to plan and push their tasks right on time.

That’s where the built-in workflows and batch management in PIMworks help you channelize tasks, improve productivity by multi-fold, eliminate errors in product information, reduce time-to-market, and boost data quality to a whole new level.

Catalog management in ecommerce
Catalog management in ecommerce

Multichannel publishing and syndication

Product data management on multiple channels
Product data management on multiple channels

Product information goes out to multiple channels. It may be all rich and fresh, but if it is not well optimized for unique channel guidelines, product experience will take a back seat. Product information distributed to multiple channels should synchronize with guidelines including - validations for attribution, images, titles, and descriptions.

From product enrichment to channel-based optimization, PIMworks’ data validation will help in extending a granular view of data quality for every data point by providing quality scores. These scores will alert you on the accuracy of the data that helps you take action right away. Also, the ready-to-use templates and APIs will prepare your content for multichannel selling.

Syndication through PIM ensures you to distribute the right content to the right channel and in the right format.

Content enrichment
Content enrichment

Data onboarding and transformation

Onboarding product information on multiple sales channels is time-consuming. To expand to different channels and combat with the data volume, the process needs to be automated. The data to be onboarded needs to be standardized, normalized, and enriched as well.

Data from multiple systems can be ingested with ease through intelligent data mapping and categorization modules of PIMworks. Additionally, you can also enrich the product information through an in-built and fully-automated data enrichment module.

Product onboarding
Information Quality Information Quality

Information Quality

Your conversion strategy largely depends upon the quality of information. Product information can have quality issues of various types - wrong data, missing data, shallow data, obsolete data, etc. Depending on the comprehensiveness and correctness of data, efficiency in product experience management customers will purchase or abandon your shop for competitors.

With PIMworks’ product data enrichment feature, you can eliminate product data anomalies by running accuracy checks with configurable sampling methodologies, bulk image validations, and health checks to ensure quality information is ingested to every channel. Quality scores help you validate attributes, titles, descriptions, and images.

Product content enrichment ensures optimal product data quality for image properties, aliases, metadata and eliminate negative keywords.

Robust and scalable platform

Enterprise strength architecture is an essential feature to look out for in a PIM platform. As businesses grow, the technologies that support business functions should be reliable, robust, and scalable.

PIMworks is built ground up on a cloud-native architecture hosted on an elastically scalable infrastructure. We are ISO 27001 certified organization. PIMworks hosts all services on scalable and fault-tolerant application infrastructure. This ensures consistent application performance.

PIM software
PIM data management
Automated product classification and optimized business process

For a buyer, product hierarchies are critical to navigate through, identify and engage with the desired product at ease. The real challenge is that vast product lines and attributes are not easy to classify. Therefore, structuring them out to achieve an outcome that favors classification models of different channels requires a streamlined method.

PIMworks helps different teams manage complex architecture through a flexible hierarchy management process. With pre-set rules and permissions, category nodes and attributes can be seamlessly handled at a granular level.

PIM data management

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