How do you know if your organization needs a PIM? A five-step evaluation process.

The world keeps raving about how augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and drones are the future of digital commerce. Well, when you buckle down to understand the implications of these tech trends for your business, I am sure you… Continue Reading →

Pimtorial | Influence Your Influencers

Influencer engagement is, without a doubt, the key to building buyer interest. It’s spread out today like a strange religion that’s creeping up on the industry and taking a strong fold across all aspects of how we market, how we… Continue Reading →

Creating buying urgency: A guide to messaging approaches for technology service providers.

Having a product sealed and ready to go out in the world is not where the sales and marketing efforts end. It is in fact, exactly where it begins. Buying is a choice. It is up to the individual or… Continue Reading →

The Free Trial | 4 Questions You Should Never Fail To Ask.

“So,” the product manager looked at Emily, “What do we do now?” Emily is the marketing strategist of her company. She’s a pro, at distributing content, community management and executing compelling campaigns. But it wasn’t enough. The C level wants… Continue Reading →

Why does your business need an omnichannel retail strategy?

The digital globe is spinning fast. So fast. Every step of hyper-personalization we are experiencing on apps, eCommerce websites, tools and software, search engines etc. are all constantly improvising towards making massive advancements. The simpler the user experience gets, the… Continue Reading →

How to Use Marketing Automation in eCommerce to Convert more leads

Most people now look online when making purchases, meaning that every company needs to understand how to engage with consumers in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. The good news is that thanks to automation in marketing, you can directly appeal… Continue Reading →

PIM Trends 2018 and what’s in store for the future – An insider analysis by team PIMworks

Success is driven by growth which is in turn determined by the digital progress in an organization and willingness to adapt to emerging technologies. Getting specific to e-Commerce industry, it would be unquestionable when I say technologies like AI, mobile… Continue Reading →

All set and pumped up for the IRCE 2018

IRCE – The magnificent retail show It’s that time of the year, if you are making plans to visit Willis tower or Navy Pier, just hold on and push your plans along June as there is IRCE’ 18 – the… Continue Reading →

Industrial E-commerce : A classic treasure hunt game

The growth of e-commerce industry and the abundant opportunities in this sphere to earn and grow is well perceived and acclaimed. The whole other segment of it is industrial e-commerce that is growing exponentially too. But, astonishingly about $1 trillion B2B… Continue Reading →