Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Amazon Sales

Did you know that 40% of Americans (NPR) buy at least once a month on Amazon? 44% of shoppers search on Amazon (which is only 11% more than Google) to find the product they’re looking for. According to similarweb, Amazon… Continue Reading →

Revealing the most intriguing session at the IRCE 2019

IRCE is one of the eminent retail events, that is educative, helpful, and truly one of its kind. With over 130 sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches covering various retail topics, eCommerce industry folks can gain a lot of value by… Continue Reading →

10 Ridiculously Relatable GIFs for Retailers

Whether you are a newbie or an eCommerce wizard who knows the business inside out –  running an etail empire could be draining. It is not like we know all your troubles or about the things that particularly makes you… Continue Reading →

Amazon prime day 2019 – How well are you prepared for the etail extravaganza?

The Amazon prime day – the most awaited big sale day all set to roll out on 15th July (predicted) and extend to 36 hours since then. This leaves you with barely 2.5 months to prepare for the sale day…. Continue Reading →

10 Inspiring Technology Quotes That Will Re-Energise Your Spirit

Having a tech business is very much like being in a relationship you never anticipated. Here are 10 inspiring quotes from industry leaders, that will re-energize your spirit and prepare you to take on the work week. Get a cup… Continue Reading →

Common PIM challenges that signal you should replace your PIM solution

Every customer touch point is vetted, tested and trialed with the only goal of delivering a good shopping experience. Reason? In this age of digital commerce, good customer experience and building relationships with them has become inevitable. eCommerce is becoming… Continue Reading →

The Quick Guide To Conquering Wireless Ecommerce.

There are two types of people. The ones who said ‘It’s just a cell phone,’ when Apple launched the first iPhone and the people who lined up outside the Apple store, acknowledging the undeniable fact that there was indeed an… Continue Reading →

How do you know if your organization needs a PIM? A five-step evaluation process.

The world keeps raving about how augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and drones are the future of digital commerce. Well, when you buckle down to understand the implications of these tech trends for your business, I am sure you… Continue Reading →

Pimtorial | Influence Your Influencers

Influencer engagement is, without a doubt, the key to building buyer interest. It’s spread out today like a strange religion that’s creeping up on the industry and taking a strong fold across all aspects of how we market, how we… Continue Reading →

Creating buying urgency: A guide to messaging approaches for technology service providers.

Having a product sealed and ready to go out in the world is not where the sales and marketing efforts end. It is in fact, exactly where it begins. Buying is a choice. It is up to the individual or… Continue Reading →

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